April 28, 2013

Score! Canon Super Sure Shot AF35ML and a Konica AF3!

The camera show put on by the Western Canada Photographic Historical Association is one of my favourite days of the year. So thanks to Johan for letting me know this Sunday that I hadn't missed it.

The top camera is quite a find: the Canon Sure Shot AF35ML aka "something, something" Autoboy.

In many ways a typical early point and shoot, the camera also boasts a hard to beat 40mm f1.9. This make it one of the fastest fixed lens cameras ever produced.

There is an excellent description of the Autoboy in a 1988 issue of Popular Photography. There it was already considered a vintage classic though it had only hit the market seven years before.

Here are some of the salient features :

- 3 feet to infinity focus
-f1.9 to f18
- five-element lens, oooohhh
-1/4 sec to 1/500 sec shutter
- continuous shooting, so keep a light finger on the release

For more info visit Canon's great history site. Matt's Classic Cameras has always done a fine job breaking it down to the bullet info. The manual is online at Butkus's essential collection.

The very fine film camera blogger Zeno Felkl has more to say about the Konica AF3. I've admired his stash of odd Konica for years and now I have an AF3.

April 2, 2013

With a Konica 40mm f1.8 Hexanon

With a Konica 40mm f1.8 Hexanon

The camera was the Cosina-made Konica TC-X.

It is a plastic body camera with the Konica AR mount or K/AR mount.

I used Kodak's slide film, Elite Chrome 100 ASA.

The sun is directly behind the boys' heads.