February 23, 2011

Freeman Patterson: Canadian nature photographer on CBC Radio Ideas

Listening to it by airwaves right now. You can listen online.

Or you can listen at this moment, I mean right now, by livestream.

Host Paul Kennedy is visiting him at Patterson's homestead and the conversation is all over the place, talking bio and gardening, etc.

February 13, 2011

Xenar Xenon Potato Potatoh

I've posted quite a lot about lens design (in absence of having any opportunity to pursue photoprojects lately as I am chained to my computer).

I did come across a very cryptic discussion about Schneider Kreuznach lens design. The focus is on how certain lens names like Xenar are used with a number of lens formulas as they strove for wider apertures.

February 3, 2011

Two Japanese ads for the Nikon One Touch

It's from Youtube nestled between two ads for a hat company. Using the same model (celebrity endorser?).